Yugen Photography


Embracing the Art of Mysterious Grace

Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, Yugen Photography brings conceptual and fine art photography to life, specializing in creative, fashion, glamour, and model portfolios. Our vision transcends the traditional boundaries of photography, focusing on the ethereal beauty of the human form and celebrating the art of mysterious grace. As an artist photographer, our founder believes in 'ars gratia artis'—art for art's sake—and seeks to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of God's creations.

At Yugen Photography, studio portraiture serves as our canvas. We deftly employ Photoshop to manifest our artistic vision, with an emphasis on fine art nudes that evoke the grace and elegance central to the concept of Yugen. Our dedication to the art above all else means we don't chase clients or push any political agenda; instead, we focus on creating visual masterpieces that resonate with our audience.

Areas of Expertise

Specializing in conceptual and fine art photography, Yugen Photography focuses on creative, fashion, glamour, and model portfolios. We excel in capturing the mysterious grace of the human form through fine art nudes and studio portraiture. Our expertise lies in creating compelling visual narratives using advanced Photoshop techniques, catering to models and art collectors who appreciate the beauty and artistry of photography.

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